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DAZ3D Genesis8のヘリックスタウの服Females (Helix Tau Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s))




Helix Tauisは本質的に未来的です。




あなたが将来に向けてどんなことを考えていようと、Helix Tauはあなたの宇宙に確実に適合し、広げることができます。

Helix Tauには、さまざまな機能とカスタマイズが含まれています:-さまざまなバリエーションと色の3つのスタイル-任意のスタイルで動作するGeograftedジッパー-任意のスタイルに適用されるLIEベースのダート-スーツ折り畳みおよびG8太もも-すべての機能を詳細に説明したウォークスルービデオと、Helixテクスチャが最新のクローズアップ対応、PBR光沢メタリックベースベースカラー、メタリック、光沢、粗さ、標準、必要に応じて高さ、常に見栄えが良くなります。


Helix Tauは、含まれているダートに対して、レイヤードイメージエディターであるDaz Studio LIEを使用します。


コンテンツライブラリファイルと一緒に、このセットを最大限に楽しむためのヒントやチュートリアルもあります。 Helix LIEの汚れ:Helixジオグラフトジッパー:。

Helix explained
With the Helix mini-series, we have decided for a different approach: Instead of creating a base product and some themed add-ons, we made all the themes (Alpha, Tau and Charm) complete and independent, so that people can just buy whatever they like, rather than needing to purchase a basic package to enjoy the add-ons they love.
This also allowed us to explore more freely and in-depth for each theme/style and therefore offer you more features, making Helix an incredibly flexible and customizable set.

Helix Tau
is essentially futuristic. Is a set that explores different sci-fi styles and that can easily fit into most sci-fi settings due to its simple design yet stylish textures.
It includes a half-thigh long suit with high neck and no sleeves and a pair of simple shoes. This is the perfect set for a spaceship, as next century everyday clothes made of high-tech materials or for a cyberpunk character. Whatever you envision for the future, Helix Tau can definitely fit in and widen your universe.
Helix Tau includes a nice range of features and customization:
- 3 styles in different variants and colors
- Geografted zippers that work on ANY style
- LIE-based Dirts that apply on ANY style
- HD morphs for the suit (folds) and for G8 (thighs)
- Walk-through videos that show all the features in depth and tutorials for the more unusual features

Helix textures are state-of-the-art, close-up ready, PBR glossy-metallic based (Base Color, Metallic, Glossy, Roughness, Normal, Height when needed) and will always look great. The LIE dirts and also all PBR so you have 360° of realism for your images.

Helix Tau makes use of Daz Studio LIE, Layered Image Editor, for the included Dirts. If you are not familiar with it do not worry as we created several videos that show how to best use this feature and other Helix features. Together with the content library files you will also find tips and tutorials that will make you enjoy the set at its fullest!

Helix LIE dirts:

Helix geografted zippers:


Genesis 8 Female
DAZ Studio 4.12