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DAZ3D ネオあやねファンタジー (Neo Ayane Fantasy)


この3つのアドオンテクスチャでNeo Ayaneをファンタジーの世界に連れて行きます。









Octaneプラグインを使用してDaz Studioでレンダリングされたすべての画像は、ほとんどのエンジン/ツールで見栄えがよくなるように、含まれているマップで見ることができます。


テクスチャは細部と豊かなタッチで豊かであり、それらが表すスタイルを完全に具体化しています。ユニークさと認識性の両方があり、すべてが多様性とスタイルを追加する素晴らしいバリエーションを誇っていますヒント:「フィルタリング>ピクセル>ピクセルフィルター半径」 0で。


We're bringing Neo Ayane to the Fantasy realms with this trio of add-on textures. All the dynamism and sassiness of the original set, can now boost adventures in completely new settings.

Fantasy, turns Neo Ayane into something completely new and fresh and hardly recognizable as the original concept.

This texture set includes:

  • Dragon: a leather and chainmail style for the adventurer in the field. Fits perfectly clerics, light fighters and whoever can use a little more protection in its everyday life. Also comes with a mud version for when you have to get your hands (and everything else) dirty!
  • Phoenix:Intrinsically fantasy, this colorful, layered leather style boasts a richenss that will make any character stand out in a crowd, when she's not fluttering in a magical forest. It's a versatile style that fits so many roles! The boots come with different transparencies for a nice range of looks. It also comes with a "snow from above" version for those living in colder climates!
  • Crow: fantasy or modern gothic, this stile pairs an intricate cut leather with a silky background and a bronze version what is perfect for Victorian and Steampunk-esque characters. It's perfect for fantasy, modern, steampunk and whatever your imagination conceives!

All styles are PBR ready and included are both Iray and 3Delight materials. All images where rendered in Daz Studio with the Octane plug-in, so you can see, with the included maps it will look great with most engines/tools.

The texture folder includes all the Iray maps (Base Color, Metallic, Glossy, Roughness, Normal and Height/Displacement) and it also includes additional maps (Diffuse and Specular) for other render engines (such as Octane or Iray itself if you prefer a Specular/Glossy material workflow).

The textures are rich with details and nice touches to perfectly embody the style they represent, with both uniqueness and recognizability and all of them sport awesome variants that add versatility and style (tip: remember to set your "Filtering > Pixel > Pixel Filter Radius" at 0.50 or so to enjoy all the crispy details of the textures, especially in very close-up renders):

Dragon comes in:

  • Brown Leather and chainmail
  • Mud version of the above + shoes-only mud for the boots
  • Long (with chainmail) and short (leather only) versions for the boots

Phoenix comes in:

  • Leather in Earth tones + "Snow from above" version
  • Leather in Sky tones + "Snow from above" version
  • 3 different styles for the boots

Crow comes in:

  • Black Leather and red silk + golden accents
  • Bronze metal and green silk

TIP: These styles can mix and match great with Ailisy for even more varied looks!


Genesis 3 Female
DAZ Studio 4.12